Century Poly Feeders

  1. 7 year warranty


8’ Round Bale Feeder

  1. 14 Gauge steel

  2. Weighs 250 pounds

  3. 3 piece bolt together

8’ Horse & Bull Feeder

  1. 14 Gauge steel

  2. Weighs 380 pounds

  3. 3 piece pin together

Round Bale Feeder Trailer

These trailers are designed to haul and feed 3 round bales or 2 large square bales.  They are constructed with a 2” pipe frame with 3/4” pipe slant bars.  The running gear is a 6 ton wagon axle with 4 new wheels and tires.  The tongue pins up out of the mud and out of the way.  The trailers also have a rear hitch so that two trailers can be pulled in a row.

NEW DESIGN: These trailers have just been redesigned so that we can stack them inside of each other and get more on a load.  We are estimating 15 to 20 on a load.  Final assembly is done at your location with bolts and U-bolts.