Continuous Pour Bunk Line

  • Blattner’s continuous pour bunk line is top of the line and packed with many features
    • Available in round or square bottom
    • Easy to read
    • 43’ base; tapering to a 36-½” wide top wall on the outside
    • The tapered wall on the feed alley side allows tires of the feed truck to hit the bunk before the bumper does
    • 6” thick wall on the cattle side with 2-⅜” uprights poured in the bunk
    • Hand troweled inside and out
    • Bunk aprons poured to your size and specifications. 8’ to 20’
    • Aprons are available with or without a footer

Standard and Custom Built Feedlot Gates

        • Standard gates are constructed from 1.9” OD 14ga tubing with standard wall pipe hinge end.
        • Heavy duty gates are constructed from 2 – ⅜” 14ga round tubing with standard wall pipe hinge end.
        • Mitered corners & saddled horizontals & verticals for maximum strength.
        • A ¾” x 3” x 3” flat strap welded to a collard hinge for heavy duty installation.
        • NOTE: Std feedlot gates fit a 4” longer opening. Example: a 10’ gate is 10’ long and fits 10’4 opening. We will build them to fit your opening; but that is not a standard feedlot gate size.
        • Gates can be painted for an additional charge.
        • Many latch options are availible
        • All thread hinges are availible

Pride of the Farm Waterers


The wings on each side are easily removable for starting new cattle and for hot weather situations. Wings are retained by a unique stainless steel pin design. Top port is removable using no tools.
When port is removed, you have top access to the valve, optional shutoff and our 3 inch (7.6 cm) internal drain. Model WPM120 is designed with a 3 inch (7.6 cm) internal drain which permits easy and fast cleaning and which also permits continuous flow operation. Drinker will drain in about 2 minutes.

Johnson Waterers

Built with features to last, our dependable cattle waterers withstand punishing weather and prove to be some of the most dependable livestock waterers available, year after year. We think Johnson Waterers are the best livestock tanks available, and our customers agree. If you are looking for the best waterer tanks, best livestock waterer service, and best replacement parts for your cattle waterer, Johnson Concrete Products is the place. Our many features will tell you why:

Blue River Waterers

With 40 years of experience, we specialize in concrete livestock waterers. We can help you find a solution to your watering needs at Blue River.