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Maverick Gate Panel


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  • Maverick panels and gates are 6 rails, stand 68″ tall, have all interior fits saddled and mitered corners. They have 2=8-⅛” spaces at the bottom and 3=9-⅝” spaces at the top. They are built out of 1.9” OD high tensile 14 GA tubing. All Maverick products will hook up to Cimarron Products. A spring loaded plunger latch is standard on all Maverick gate panels & overhead gates.



8 ft. Gate Panel-96 in. L x 68 in. T, 170 lbs.


10 ft. Gate Panel-120in. L x 68 in. T, 190lbs.


12 ft. Gate Panel-144in. L x 68 in. T, 210lbs.