Blattner Feedlot Construction and Livestock Equipment

Portable Wheel Corral

  • 12V Electric over hydraulic with solar charger included
  • Can be pulled down the road at highway speeds
  • Bumper pull version allows for use of bale bed on pick-up
  • Large side ~2830Sqft
  • Access gates in first 20’ panel on either side
  • “Bud Box” side 11’ x 44’
  • Heavy construction
  • One cylinder instead of two for lower maintenance
  • Cut out gates in alley
  • Palpation gates in alley
  • Adjustable hitch
  • Pads for wheels to rest on to prevent damage
  • “Bud Box” for easy flow to alley
  • Access or palpation gates in alley
  • Heavy hinge plates allow panels to be rolled up on the platform with ease on uneven ground
  • Multiple pen setup capability




  • Gooseneck option
  • Adjustable alley
  • No-Backs
  • Attached self-catching head gate
  • Trailer Lights



Gooseneck, Bumper Pull